Hyung Seok Jeon



1984    Daegu, South Korea

Currently lives in NYC



2017    M.F.A. in Theatre, Sarah Lawrence College, NY

2010    B.A. in Psychology & English Literature (double major), Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea


Selected Stage Original Work / Directing

2018    A Held Posture (a solo)      Created/Performed        Theater Lab, NY

2017    How a River Carries You    Created/Performed        Creators Collective, Brooklyn Emerging Artist , NY

2017    How a River Carries You    Created/Performed        Dixon Place Puppet Blok17, NY

2017    Breakfast After I Die           Co-created/Performed   100Bogart (a gallery), NY

2017    A Held Posture (a solo)       Created/Performed        Sarah Lawrence College, NY

2017     A Circular Play                    Directed                         Sarah Lawrence College, NY

2016    Blue Teacup Falls                Co-created/Performed   Secrete Theatre, NY

2013    A Dream in Three Acts        Directed                         Jong-Lang Community Center, Seoul

2010    Black Comedy                     Directed                         Sogang Univ., Seoul,


Selected Film Work

present    Untermeyer Park (working title, a site specific cinematography, editing, 15min.)

2017        WORRIER (directing, 5min.)

2017        Experiencing Yonkers (40min.)

2017        Lady Windermere’s Fan Theatre Production Promo Video (directing, 1min.)

2016        PopToy Play Ground Theatre Production Promo Video (directing, 1min.)

2014        Autumn (directing, 5min.)

2012        Silence Your Waiting (directing, 12min.)

2010        To Shine by You (directing, 11min.)

2008        No Charge (directing, 8min.)

2008        The Flame Girl (directing, 15min.)

2000        I’m (directing, 5min.)


Video Material for Stage

2018     Distances Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed (projection/live-video designer)

                                          dir. David Neumann               Baryshnikov Arts Center Spring Residency

2018    Mid Summer Night’s Dream (multi-media designer)

                                          Epic Ensemble Thtre              National Black Theatre

2018    Measure for Measure (multi-media designer)

                                          Epic Ensemble Thtre              National Black Theatre

2017    The Triumph of Crowds (projection design, live feed operator)                            

                                          dir. Fiona Templeton             Downtown Arts, NY

2017    Harmless (projection design)        

                                          dir. Dan Hurlin                        Sarah Lawrence College, NY

2017    A Guide to Time Management  (cinematography, editing for video material)     

                                          dir. Sarah Scholl                     Dixon Place, NY


Selected Performance

2018    Gilly Says Hi or Mommy and Me: Part 1 (performer)

                                                                   dir. Leonie Bell                      Dixon Place

2017    Shake/Walk Performed (dancer)   cho. Kathy Westwater           Brooklyn Studio for Dance, NY

2017    The Triumph of Crowds (as live-streamer)                            

                                                                   dir. Fiona Templeton              Downtown Arts, NY

2017    Game On: Portal (dancer)              cho. Sandra Kramerova         Dixon Place, NY

2016    I Expect You to Die (performer)     dir. David Neumann               Sarah Lawrence College, NY

2016    Though, the Tough (performer)     dir. David Neumann                New Victory Theatre, NY

2016     Marsha and the Zoo Keeper (as zoo keeper)    

                                                                   dir. Vinny Mraz                       Dixon Place, NY

2016    Flowers (as Beta)                           dir. Claribel Gross                  Sarah Lawrence College, NY

2016    Section 33 (ensemble, devised work)    

                                                                    dir. Emily Ritgar                     Sarah Lawrence College, NY    

2014    Soft Voice (as a man)                      dir. Afshin Hashemi               a feature film

2012    Moving Landscape (performer)      dir. Polina Klimovitskaya        a site specific performance, NY

2011    Helena’s Flushing (male lead)         dir. Dae Hoon Kim                  a short film

2010    Fool for Love (as Martin)                 dir. Cherish Magingat             Korea National Univ. of Arts, Seoul    

2009    Festival of Madness (male lead)    dir. Joon Woo Lee                  Sogang Univ., Seoul

2004    Magic Time (as Hyung Seok)         dir. Han Sol Lee                      Sogang Univ., Seoul

2004    Good Person of Szechwan (as the son)    

                                                                     dir. Jong Suk Kim                   Sogang Univ.


Grants / Awards

2017    Lipkin Prize for Playwriting                                                             Sarah Lawrence College

2015    Fulbright Graduate Study Award                                                    U.S. Department of State



2018     Chez Bushwick Founder's Residency_Artist In Residence, NY

2017     Silent Retreat(playwriting), instructed by Erik Ehn, San Antonio, TX

2014     The Watermill Center International Summer Program

                                                           instructed by artistic director Robert Wilson, Watermill, NY


Projection / Video Technician

2017-present    Columbia University Lenfest Center for the Arts 

                                                           over-hire technician for video and projections


Puppet Master

2016    Aricama Galatic Landing            dir. Maria Camia    Sarah Lawrence College, NY


Assistant Directing for Stage

2009    Miracle Department Store        dir. Young Joon Kim    Sogang Univ., Seoul

2005     Seagull                                     dir. Seok Chan Jeon    Sogang Univ., Seoul



2017    ‘Reflection on Live-Feed Configuration from Production of A Circular Play’ Through Concept of Circularity’ at ‘Culture, Art and Philosophy in the Age of Digital Transformation Conference’, Sung Kyun Kwan University

2014    ‘Analysis on Therapeutic Aspects of Filmmaking with Concepts of Drama Therapy’ at ‘Interdisciplinary Art Conference for New Value Creativity’, Sung Kyun Kwan University, BK21 Plus Project


2010    ‘Psychological Approach on Repulsion Toward Cultural Differences’ Gangneung University, Dept. of International Commerce Annual Forum