Video Design & Performance


Distances Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed

(currently in development)

Co-Created by David Neumann & Marcella Murray

With Performances by:  Hyung Seok Jeon, Marcella Murray and David Neumann

In Distances Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed co-creators David Neumann and Marcella Murray inhabit the questions “How can a white person and a Black person talk constructively about race? Will a conversation about race between a Black person and a white person always be inherently imbalanced - always? What might we be able to see on the other side of complicated and scary?” (from www.Advanced Beginner

Link: more about the Baryshnikov Arts Center residency


Co-Creators: David Neumann & Marcella Murray
Sound Design & Lead Collaborator: Tei Blow
Performers: Hyung Seok Jeon, Marcella Murray, David Neumann
Set Design: Chris Green
Costume Design: Montana Blanco
Administration: Amanda Brandes Producer: Boo Froebel

The development of Distance Smaller Than This Are Not Confirmed is being made possible, in part, by developmental residencies at Baryshnikov Arts Center; the Rauschenberg Residency/Robert Rauschenberg Foundation; the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and multiple residencies at MANCC / the Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography at Florida State University.